Why Major in History? Senior Noah Zernechel Explains!

This week the History Department says goodbye to three of our most fabulous and inspiring undergrads! We asked them for their thoughts on being a history major. 

Being part of the St. Thomas History Department has been a true honor. I cannot say enough good things about the professors and their classes. Each professor brings their own unique style to their respective disciplines and challenges students in their own ways. I learned something new in each course I took; aside from factual information, I learned from each class how to be a better historian. I learned how to ask and the best ways to answer “why” and “how.” I learned that no event in history is isolated and that everything in the past has a deep and generally multi-faceted cause. I learned that the past has a much more profound impact on the present than is ever acknowledged.

Moreover, however, I learned that there is truth in history but that some people choose to skew or distort the past for their own gain or to intentionally leave people in the dark. I learned that this can be transcended however and that through careful examination of sources and thoughtful analysis of events, truth can be discovered. I learned that as good historians it is our responsibility to guard truth and make it manifest and available to as many people as we can. We must see through historical lies and understand the connectedness of events so that truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding can be attained. I learned that the past is both beautiful and ugly but that through understanding of this, namely the ugly, we can learn from it to create a better world. I learned that only through a deep understanding of past mistakes can we improve as human beings. I also learned that generally humanity is not very good at that, but that as good historians, we can work with other disciplines to better educate people and create a better world for ourselves and for the future. Most importantly, I learned that knowledge is indeed power, and history is one of many ways we can obtain knowledge and in turn become empowered individuals. The UST History Department taught me all of this, and they taught me how to overcome lies and seek truth for myself, and for that I am deeply appreciative and thankful. Thank you all for your support and criticism. I will miss you all dearly.

Peace and deepest love,

Noah Zernechel

Noah Zernechel - Graduating Senior, History Tutor, History Club Leader!

Noah Zernechel – Graduating Senior, History Tutor, History Club Leader!

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