Ready to Register? Fall 2015 Course Descriptions

Check out our great selection of upper-division history courses for Fall 2015!

Tudor and Stuart Britain – HIST 322:

TudorFind out what happens when:

  • Peasants revolt
  • Catholics and Protestants do not get along
  • Witches are real
  • Families are little kingdoms
  • People demand liberty
  • Theatre becomes mass media
  • Ireland becomes a colony
  • Philosophy becomes science
  • Farms become businesses
  • The world becomes a market
  • Capitalism goes global

Taught by Dr. Will Cavert – CRN: 42480
MWF, 10:55—12:00

EdoModern East Asia –HIST 244

  • Read about and discuss the development of “modern” societies in China, Korea, and Japan from early modern times to the present.
  • We will focus on problems such as empire, historical memory, and the formation of modern nation-states.
  • Readings include memoirs and other personal writings as historical texts, as a way to understand the times.

Taught by Dr. Patti Kameya – CRN: 42473
MWF 9:35-10:40

Modern Europe Since 1914 – HIST 226

  •  Sex PistolsWhat is Europe?
  • Who is a European?
  • What is European history?
  • In which ways can the Sex Pistols help us
    understand Europe?
  • Could be that the Levi’s jeans brought
    down the Berlin Wall?
  • We are to discuss these and similar questions!!!
  • Interested???
  • Enroll!!!

Taught by Dr. Zsolt Nagy – CRN: 42479
TR 3:25-5:00


Ancient Egypt and the Near East – HIST 203

  • Explore ancient Egypt and walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great in
    the Near East!
  • You will better understand the contemporary people and events in this part of the world.

Taught by Dr. Ivancica Schrunk – CRN: 42478
MWF, 12:15-1:20

History of Women and the Family in the Americas| – HIST 298


  • Is there anything really “new” about Modern Family?
  • Women have long debated raising children versus full-time work
  • Historically the “family” frequently extends upon traditional nuclear structures.

We’ll examines how multi-generational families, working moms, and rebellious youth have influenced national politics, economics and social structure in the United States and Latin America for the past two centuries.

Taught by Dr. Kari Zimmerman – CRN: 42477
TR 1:30-3:10

Cities of the Middle East – HIST 253 


  • How about a road trip in time and space in the Middle East?
  • Through the narrow alleys of Cairo, maidans of Isfahan and imposing cathedral mosques of Istanbul, this course will take you to an exploration of urban life, politics and culture
    of the Muslim World, as well as its imperial cultures and architectural heritage.

Taught by Dr. Hasan Karatas – CRN: 42476
TR 9:55-11:35

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