Historical Research at its Best!

Congrats to our History Majors who recently presented their research to faculty and peers. They deftly answered questions, debated interpretations, and engaged in recent scholarly trends. Check out the links below for inspiration on conducting your own research!

  • Mississippi State University Symposium for Undergraduate Historical Research – Congrats to Krista Mehrl, Nate Parsons, and Andrew Ring



Ryan Van Dyke and Pierce McDowell after presenting their respective papers: “Irish Need Apply: How Irish Labor Shaped the State of Minnesota, 1850-1890” and “Slavery in Disguise: Chinese Indentured Labor in Cuba, 1847-1874.”


  • History Department Capstone Presentations – Well done Tyler Gordon, Kayla Jakobson, Pierce McDowell, and Ryan Van Dyke!



Kayla Jakobson presented “Sisterhood or Livelihood: The Motivations for Female Labor Unions, 1870-1920” and Tyler Gordon presented “The Politicization of Minnesota’s Farmer-Labor Movement, 1915-1928.”

To learn more about undergraduate research at UST, check out the Grants & Research Office website: http://www.stthomas.edu/gro/students

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