Ben Affleck’s Slave Past, FIFA’s Current Scandal, and the origins of Memorial Day – Weekly Round-Up, May 29, 2015

Its that time of year, history blogosphere, when we’re all packing things up! Some of us are grading up on the 4th floor of JRC, some of us are getting ready for Dr. Schrunk’s history and archeology trip to Croatia, and some of us are just plain packing up our things. Here’s a round-up of some of the articles we’ve been reading in-between all the activity!


1. The Perils of Academic Celebrity – EVEN historians are celebrities. That might be a good thing or a bad thing but here is an interesting discussion of history in main stream media and popular culture and more broadly, the ethics of doing history.


2. FIFA’s Corruption Scandal – If you’ve spent any time in our classes, you know that many of us up on the 4th floor talk about soccer’s historical roots to Industrialization and Imperialism, among other past trends. Suffice to say, we’re reading a lot about FIFA these days. Dr. Andrei Markovits offers an analysis of the recent scandal on Huffington Post and while you there, click over to some of his other soccer related articles.


3. How Should Americans Remember Reconstruction? Memorial Day was created to honor those that died in the Civil War and the New York Times is honoring the 150th anniversary of the battle with a debate on its memory. Check out how several authors and academics weigh-in on this topic.

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