No More Pencils, No More Books…

Schools out for summer history friends! 


We’ ll still post our weekly round-up during the break and offer occasional pieces on all things history but we’re planning on a slower “blog pace” over the summer months. But of course we still want to make sure you get your history fix so here’s a couple of things to keep you busy as we head into June.

Minnesota summers are the best so if you’re sticking around and enjoying a staycation, make it historical! Expand your local history knowledge and get some hands-on archival experience at the East Side Freedom Library. One of the many events happening at the center includes “Juneteenth Celebration: The Past, Present, and Future of Freedom Schools.” This event on June 14th is scheduled to coincide with Juneteenth, officially June 19th, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. Co-founder Peter Rachleff spoke to the History Club this Spring and is always happy to meet with our UST History Community and involve you in the process of “making history.”

There are also two featured exhibits at the Minnesota History Center that shouldn’t be missed. “We are Hmong Minnesota” celebrates the largest Hmong community in the United States. This fall marks the 40th anniversary of the first Hmong migration to the Twin Cities. The exhibit includes items used during the Secret War, cultural representations, and items that reflect the Hmong’s political, social, and economic participation in the metro area. The second exhibit, Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair, runs through the summer and recreates the experience of attending the Ebony Fashion Fair. Fashion displays are joined by video and archival photographs to honor the legacy of Eunice Johnson of the Johnson Publishing Company (Ebony magazines publisher).

Beyond the History Center’s featured and permanent exhibits, the MN Historical Society operates 26 historic sites and museums. Their map will help you plan some road trips…like to visit the Folsom House and Chad Thurman, who spoke to students about what to do with a history degree back in April.

If venturing out is not in your future, find a spot in the sunshine and read about MN history in the Star Tribune. Every Sunday they publish their series on Minnesota History, like this week’s examination of Andrew Volstead, a key contributor to the U.S. Prohibition legislation of 1919. Curt Brown’s “tales” are always compelling and he is up for suggestions if you want to flex your historical muscle.

Speaking of futures, we think summer time should be stress free but if you’re a planner, make sure to bookmark the new blog series “What to Do with a BA in History” sponsored by the American Historical Society. The first few posts have been incredibly informative. And while we’re not saying our History Club event inspired the blog, we do think its ironic that it was launched after our own panel!

Finally, keep checking in with us over on the 4th Floor. Some of us are teaching summer session, some of us are working on research both here and abroad, but all of us are eager to hear your own history news and events.

Happy Summer and Keep in Touch!

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