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Zombies in Haiti, Vampires in Derbyshire, & 10 other Surprising Facts about Halloween – Weekly Round-Up, October 30, 2015

Of course there is a long & global history to Halloween! Here’s what the ghosts and goblins in JRC are reading this week – Happy Halloween! 1. “The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies” – How Haitian slaves might be the true … Continue reading

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Tommy Questionnaire – Dr. Ivancica Schrunk

Our first Tommie Questionnaire for 2015-2016 profiles Dr. Ivancica Schrunk. A member of the history faculty for over twenty years, Dr. Schrunk is the fearless leader of student archeological digs in Croatia and Rome and helps organize the Collaborative Inquiry program on campus. She received … Continue reading

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Setting the Record Straight – History & Politics Weekly Round-Up, October 23, 2015

“History” seems to be getting tested in the news lately. Our faculty and students have been discussing the way that many people seem to invoke “history” in justifying their own spin on political strategies and foreign policy. Here’s a couple … Continue reading

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Past and Present: How history Inspires a Nobel Prize, Prepares You to be President and Sheds light on the Refugee Crisis,

Welcome to Fall Tommies! After a brief summer pause to recharge our blog batteries, we’re back to exploring the links between the past and the present. From our national politics to global migration changes, history is more relevant than ever … Continue reading

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