Past and Present: How history Inspires a Nobel Prize, Prepares You to be President and Sheds light on the Refugee Crisis,

Welcome to Fall Tommies!

After a brief summer pause to recharge our blog batteries, we’re back to exploring the links between the past and the present. From our national politics to global migration changes, history is more relevant than ever to help understand our modern lives.

This week we jump back into the swing of things with a weekly round-up of some of the top stories that have us talking on the fourth floor of JRC. In the coming weeks, we’ll look at what some of our Young Scholars did over the summer, chat with faculty, and consider the historical implications of one of the Twin Cities most iconic landmarks.

In the meantime, how has history inspired you this week?

Wellcome Library, London Ge Hong

Wellcome Library, London Ge Hong

  1. “Nobel Prize Winner Tu Youyou Combed Ancient Chinese Texts for Malaria Cure”


2. “Fiorina Says Knowledge of Medieval History Will Help her Defeat Isis”

3. “The Train Station That Has Been Housing the World’s Refugees for More Than a Century: Past and Present Collide at Berlin’s Ostbanhof”


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