History Matters-Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Junior Mallory Tarnowski exemplifies how history extends beyond the classroom.

This past summer, she wrote about her experiences with Comunidad Hispana, an immigrant rights and community development organization based in Merrill, WI. Comunidad Hispana advocates for humane working conditions for migrant farmworkers throughout Wisconsin. According to Mallory’s article, “between 1 and 3 million migrant farmworkers contribute to the essential production of produce that feed Americans every day. However, the migrant farmworker community has fallen victim to the feeling of being ostracized due to their undocumented status.” Comunidad Hispana is one of the many organizations across the nation that works to help migrant farmworkers better understand their rights, responsibilities, and their vital role in the community.


Mallory’s article highlights why history matters. Her writing expands on many of the readings and discussions from her history and theology bridge course “Church in Latin America.” Similarly, her article speaks to the interdisciplinary nature of history. Mallory not only depended upon her experiences in the bridge course, but also her coursework in Justice and Peace Studies. As a double major in History and JPS, Mallory applies her scholarship to larger community work; giving voice to the voiceless and truly reflecting our St Thomas mission to think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to advance the common good.

The history department is once again proud to spotlight the work of our amazing majors.

You can reead Mallory’s Article here:  http://superiorcatholicherald.org/news/local-news/organization-hopes-to-give-voice-to-the-voiceless/


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