Honoring our History Students

It has been an honor and pleasure to recognize so many of our history students over the past week!

  • Emily Heimerman, “The Black Death in Europe”
  • Blake Johnson, “Varied Background, Varied Response: The Protestant Ascendancy and the Great Frost and Famine of 1739-41”
  • Kaitlyn Hennessy, “Asenath Nicholson and the ‘Industrious Woman’: Women and Philanthropy during the Irish Famine”
  • Matthew Wilson, “The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Britain.”
  • Michael Rainville, “Providence and the Press: The Dover Straits Earthquake of 1580”
  • Ryan Oden, “Explaining Syphilis in Renaissance Europe”
  • John Hatch, “Aberfan: Disaster and Memory”
  • Jacob Sevening, “Ulrich Beck and the Risk Society”



In addition to our capstone students, the department also honored our newest group of Phi Alpha Theta (PAT) initiates. This year our PAT chapter welcomed 9 new members. Students who complete 4 history courses and meet the GPA requirement are invited to join PAT – the National History Honor Society. We are delighted the following students have joined the honor society: Brett Duffek, Kaitlyn Hennessy, Blake Johnson, Carl Michaletz, Whitney Oachs, Michael Rainville, Aaron Sather, Mallory Tarnowski, & Tyler Trudell.




Newest PAT member Whitney Oachs also received an Undergraduate Student Award for Community Engagement from the office of Global and Local Engagement (GALE). Nominated by one of her peers and Dr. David Williard, the award recognizes her work for educational equity through a number of community partners; the American Indian Magnet School through the National History Day program, the FREE Project, and Cristo Rey High School through the Together Possible initiative.


And last, but certainly not least, we are delighted and proud of our 3 History Seniors graduating with honors this year; Summa Cuma Laude graduates Kaitlyn Hennessy & Matthew Wilson and Cum Laude graduate Meg Walter.latin honors sp 2016

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