The Legacy of Historical Migrations – Weekly Round-Up, May 13th, 2016

A number of new stories have focused on the historical legacy of migrations this week. It struck us up on the 4th Floor as a bit of “art imitates life,” as we’ve been listening to our students talking about post-semester plans to go home or relocate for new opportunities. Is your next move a part of a larger historical trend or might it change existing historical legacies? Let us know your “migration news”…


 “Refugee Crisis, Then and Now”: How apt is the comparison between the current crisis and the aftermath of the Second World War?



Caribbean Chinese Migration


“In Search of Family: Carribbean Chinese Diaspora”: an examination of the history of Chinese migration to Jamaica and other Caribbean locations.


“London’s Muslim Mayor is Nothing New”: 1300 Years of Muslims who Ran Major European Cities.London Mayor


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